If something is existing, it will have a place.
Whether it is virtual or real in your point of view, it has a place.
The condition of existing is having a place?

Place can be your mind, certain time of your life which you can remember.
Some place will be there with the existence of something.

And architecture starts from place.

Architecture is belong to place.

To exist, remember the place. And there will be architecture.

And that architecutre is yours.



I don’t know how much i like them!
but I don’t know them much.
I don’t know how to plant or what kind of food they prefer.
I only know they grow.
Grow in the sun and require water to survive like us.

I don’t know how much i love looking at them.
But it seems they make me comfortable.
Their leaves, some tiny, some larger.
They reflects and absorbs lights and sounds independently.
They are together but their angles and positions are all different and never fixed but they are there.
They are always same but always different.
It gives me pleasure to look and listen.
Unlike buildings facade, which has one or two or maybe three clean and smooth surfaces.
They may reflect but not much absorbing anything.
If you are surrounded by these for long enough time, you will feel frustrated and stressed.
Because it is almost one way talking.
Keep listening ones loud voice all the time without chance to talk back or stop would make most of people tired and stressed, unless you dont feel anything.
Like prison cell, why is it horrible?
Why the conditions looks bad and punishable?
Of course there is the size issues but the fundamental error of the space would be the never changing wall, floor and ceiling. These conditions make us tired and stressed. Because we, human are growing too like trees.
And change every time we breathe and every time our heart beat 60-90 per minute in ordinary conditions.

Trees remind me that I am alive.
I wish architecture too remind me that i am alive.